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How Our Brand New Super Simple Universal Trading System Works

Bring in your books and we will give you half the original list price of your paperbacks and books on CD and half of our anticipated selling price for hardbacks in the form of a Universal Trading Credit voucher -- you can use all or part of this voucher whenever you want and/or share with family and friends. Teachers love to get them to help get materials for their students.

No one offers more trading credit than we do! Not even close!

This credit voucher applies to all books that have been traded to us. It may be used to pay for up to 1/2 the original list price of paperback books and books on CD in any category, and/or up to 1/2 the marked price of hardback books in any category at your discretion.

We will give you credit for all your clean and good condition books that we believe other people will want to trade for or buy. Any other books you bring in we can return to you or we can donate them to charitable organizations for you. One way or another we will find your old books a good, loving home.

We are especially interested in Any Text Books or Current Technical Books that are still being used anywhere in the nation.

Guidelines on What Books We Can and Cannot Take in Trade:

We are Very Generous in what we can give trade credit for. We will accept in trade books we believe others will want to trade for or buy. Specifically we cannot take items that are not clean and not in at least good or better condition or missing any parts, books-on-CD that do not have their original packaging, series romance books more than one year old, Readers Digest Condensed books, ex-library, out of date non-fiction books, books we are over stocked on, hardback fiction titles that are not currentlvery popular (must not be in paperback & must have dust jackets), items we or anyone else sold on clearance, etc.  Although we try to be Very Generous, what we can take for credit is at our discretion.



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